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Gabriella Cilmi: Lessons to Be Learned, out 29.04.2008, Island, interview: 09.10.2008
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Flobots: Fight with Tools, out 17.06.2008, Universal, interview: 14.09.2008
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Ron Sexsmith: Exit Strategy of the Soul, out 04.07.2008, Universal, interview: 23.06.2008
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Isobel Campel & Mark Lanegan: Sunday At Devil Dirt, out 08.05.2008, Cooperative/Uni, interview: 07.08.2008
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You Say Party! We Say Die!: Lose All Time, out 17.08.2007, Pias/RTD, interview: 29.06.2007
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Mattafix: Rhythm & Hymns, out 23.11.2007, Virgin Fra/EMI, interview: 10.10.2007
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Fionn Regan: The End Of History, out 22.09.2007, Bella Union, interview: 11.09.2007
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Tunng: Good Arrows, out 17.08.2007, Full Time Hobby, interview: 05.09.2007
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