“Yeah, working for the first time with Chris Coady as producer had a huge effect — he has such a distinct and well-developed sense of what’s cool and what sounds good, but he’s also emphatic about keeping the rawness of the performances in there.” So erzählt Sänger Keith Murray.

Und auch Chris Cain ist begeistert: “The guy who was producing everything looked different from the one who did those other three records.”

We Are Scientists schlugen 2005 mit ihrer legendären Dancerock Platte “With Love & Squalor” ein wie eine Bombe. Jahre des Tourens folgten und das zweite Album “Brain Thrust Mastery”, das die Nightlife Hymne “After Hours” hervorbrachte. Main Stage Slots beim Reading & Leeds, Glastonbury, T In The Park und weiteren Festivals in ganz Europa, sowie Auftritte bei Later with Jools Holland und ihrer eigenen Serie bei MTV (Steve Wants His Money) folgten mit dem dritten Album “Barbara”. Jetzt, nach der Veröffentlichung einer 7-inch EP im Jahr 2013, bereiten sich We Are Scientists vor ihre besten und neuesten Songs zu teilen.

Fragt man nach dem ungewöhnlichen Titel, antwortet Bassist Chris Cain so: “It’s in French, I think. At least some of the words.” Sänger und Gitarrist Keith Murray gibt nährere Angaben zm Album: “We wanted to get at the seemingly inevitable parallax that happens between two people in a relationship, that sense that you get the gist of what the other person needs and wants and how they feel about you, but only the gist —you’re relying on these broad cues a lot of the time to tell you what the hell’s going on.”

Drummer Andy Burrows, der auch schon bei den Aufnahmen zu “Barbara” dabei war, zog für ein Jahr nach New York, um an dem neuen Album mitzuarbeiten und seine Fähigkeiten am Schlagzeug mit einzubringen.

Drei Alben in 13 Jahren. Endlich erscheint ein neues Album von We Are Scientists. Produziert im letzten Jahr in New York von Chris Coady, der auch mit Smith Westerns, Beach House, Gang Gang Dance und Blonde Redhead gearbeitet hat. Genau dann, wenn die Band auf fünfmonatiger Tour durch Europa, Amerika und Australien ist. Ein Festivalsommer wird folgen.

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Album: TV En Français
VÖ 07.03.2014
100% Records / Rough Trade

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Video " Dumb Luck"
Video " Make It Easy"

Album: We Are Scientists - Barbara

out 18.06.2010 / more about We Are Scientists / amazon

A Fantastic New Record

On the forthcoming Barbara, W.A.S. recruited Andy Burrows (former hitter-guy for Razorlight) to drum. Andy moved to New York for the summer of 2009 and began work with Chris on that crucial rhythm section trick: playing at the same time.
Keith, meanwhile, decamped to Athens, Georgia, to take inspiration from the lack of New York accents, and the songs began to take shape. They recorded that fall in London, Los Angeles, & NYc.

This geographical diversity could be seen as a metaphor for how disparate the three musicians are as people. Chris likes chicken, Andy likes lamb, while Keith is a vegetarian. All three appreciate beer, but sometimes, when drinking together at a pub, they order different brands. (That is rare, though.)

It is a happy accident, then, that Murray, Cain, and Burrows were able to mesh their musical inclinations to such a compelling end on the songs of Barbara, arecord that sees them return to the stripped-down production sensibilities of W.A.S.'s gold-selling debut, With Love & Squalor, while continuing to hone the melodie knack that has made them popular with fans and men who work for months at sea.

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