SIR REG is an energetic six piece from Sweden playing Celtic punk. On vocals is Brendan, an Irishman who left his hometown of Dublin to come to Sweden to fulfill his dream of putting together the most amazing band possible. Karin, the violinist, is a tiny and fiery redhead from Sweden who has a tendency to leave jaws open with her fiddle skills. The other members Tommie (drums), Juba (bass), Filip (mandolin) and Chris (electric guitar) all have diverse musical backgrounds, and together as SIR REG they are having the time of their lives – making and playing music they all love.

SIR REG is a band that took a long time in the making. For almost a decade, under the name The Barcrawlers, the core of the band gigged its ass off all over Scandinavia playing Irish pub songs at every venue imaginable. It all started in 2002 when Brendan and Karin played covers and Irish traditional at a few local bars. Brendan had just recently moved to Sweden from Ireland and was in dire need to continue doing what he loved doing back in Dublin – singing and playing.

They hit the road with their favourite songs from bands such as The Pogues, Horslips, Flogging Molly, Blur, David Bowie, Oasis, The Beatles, The Dubliners and Dropkick Murphy's to name just a few. After many winding roads and several hundred shows under their belt, they felt content. They had achieved all that they had set out to do as a "pub-, and cover band". They decided it was about time for the next chapter - making their own music. SIR REG (pronounced "Sir. Redge") was born in early 2009. They armed themselves with a bunch of original compositions and hit the studio to create something they would be proud of - music they would listen to themselves. With each member's individual influences thrown into a melting pot, the resulting sound was better than they had hoped for.

The album was recorded in Köping, Stockholm, Malmö, Lund and Copenhagen by our guitarist Chris Inoue, who is also the producer of the recording. Because the band is spread out over Scandinavia, Chris travelled from city to city recording the various instruments in hotel rooms, rehearsal rooms and basements. Mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen. This time SIR REG are taking the music back to it´s Irish roots, with more focus on acoustic instruments such as mandolin and violin.

Unlike the previous albums, which had emphasis on the social and political issues in Ireland, this one includes lyrics about social problems and big events all over the world. The stories told on the album give way to its title, "Modern Day Disgrace" (out 17.06.16). "Everyone has a different reaction to the events that happen in the world of today, especially the effects of war and the poverty it brings to innocent people and the numerous acts of terror that have taken place over the past couple of years.

To some it's just another story that graces their newspaper, but to others it really hits home and makes you realize just how vulnerable every single person is. Nobody is safe from the recent threats to society, as we seen with the terror in Paris, where even people at a rock concert were targeted. We in SIR REG aren't politicians, so we're dealing with everything in the only way we know how, making music and writing songs about it and reminding the listener that we can all do something to make things improve.

Ours is just a tiny contribution in the hope for a more peaceful planet, but added together with the contributions of everyone, we can all bring about change for the better!"

Although the album has a political message, it's written for everyone to come together with their common denominator (The society we live in and its flaws) rather than to divide the people in despair. It urges people to stand together during hard times! Love thy neighbor and buy them a beer!


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