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out 10.05.2010

Angela Aux... caught himself in a mess of the feeling confusion these days. The great team of Komakino gave him the chance to sum up some thoughts in a collage of six songs all around this issue.

The EP "some thoughts on confusion" features classical folk mixed up with drones and experimentations, and of course the tracks are not just about confusion, but done "on confusion" as well. The brilliant artwork was made by the french artist philippe marcus, who painted the cover while listening to the songs of the EP. This collaboration was planned when both met in "Schmiede Hallein" in 2009.

"angela aux is a bird on a wire. in future days he could have been a sailor either/or a cook. mainly he's up for folk, krautrock and experimental music, somewhere among parties all tomorrows never got to know. angela aux released a free album on laridae and a single with his electro-kraut-funk-band l'egojazz in 2009. when the ship comes around he'll be counting speech bubbles somewhere out in the forcefields. who could win a rabbit while living on a dirty road all of his life? we need someone or something new:

the fear of error is error itself."