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out 13.03.2009

The two-piece band from Clermont-Ferrand is back with an album, My Friends All Died In A Plane Crash. With its cute cover representing band member Morgane Imbeaud kissing a cat, this first CD perfectly mixes up sad and depressing folk songs (Tell Me, Seesaw…) with joyful and jazzy tunes (Chupee, Vultures…) played on the piano, ukulele and acoustic guitar. Led by Mark Daumail’s beautiful voice -which obviously recalls Elliott Smith’s-, Cocoon’s first album takes you to a smooth and soft imaginary country where happiness is everybody’s quest. Named after a French lipstick, “ Cocoon” suits well to the young duet : in the arms of its twelve gorgeous songs, everyone can reach the fabulous world of Panda Mountain. Avoiding plane crash of course.
Ondine Benetier