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Stereo MC's:
out 17.09.2007 (Import)

In 1990 the British hip-hop group Stereo MCs released the single “Elevate my mind”. It was the first British rap single to reach the American pop charts. Since then Stereo MCs have become the biggest selling British hip-hop group.

Front man and rapper Rob B. (Rob Birch) and DJ/producer The Head (Nick Hallam) met in Nottingham in the mid-80s before they moved to London and started the Stereo MCs. In those days American hip-hop – from groups like Public Enemy – and acid house music were very popular. But the Stereo MC’s made British hip-hop that fans loved.Their first two albums came out in 1989 and 1990 before they made their very popular album “Connected” in 1992. They recorded it completely with live instruments, and it included major hits like 'Step It Up', 'Creation', and 'Ground Level'.

Stereo MC's have also made mix albums with people like DJ Kicks and in 2001 they released "Deep Down & Dirty”. But as the group became more popular and successful, they found it didn't make them happy, so they stopped making music. Rob says, "It’s been difficult to make music and just ignore all the bullshit that was going on. The real paradise is losing yourself in the music, rolling with it so when you hit the vibe you just keep going and the problems just fade away.”

But now Nick and Rob are writing again with new creativity. They have their own label and their new album “Paradise” is finally in shops! The opening track ‘Warhead’ shows their different musical styles. Keyboards, bass and horns dominate the song but there are also violins to go with Rob’s singing. The second song ‘Set It Off’ is classic hip-hop song, which is great for dancing. ‘Sun’ and ‘Float On’ are also so funky that you won't be able to stand still. You might even sing along with the women’s voices that are featured on some of the tracks. ‘The Fear’ features the great voice of Stephanie McKay. And the title song ‘Paradise’ is another step into the Stereo MCs' world of funky music. This is definitely an album that you should enjoy with your friends at a party!

By Kurt Wolf