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Kele Okereke stellvertretend für Bloc Party: “It is with great pleasure that I would like to announce to the universe that Bloc Party have now signed to Frenchkiss Records. This signing has made Bloc Party very happy because not only do we know and love the people at this label but we know and love this label's output.

Frenchkiss has released some mighty fine music over the years, music that has gone on to influence this very band. So here's to some more mighty fine music...”

Syd Butler, Gründer und Chef von Frenchkiss Records: “We are thrilled to be working with Bloc Party on this next record. They are in the best spirits and we are lucky to be working with such professionals, friends and ambassadors. Their parents raised them right. We all know they make phenomenal records and we are honoured that the next one will be on Frenchkiss.”

Vincent Clery-Melin, Cooperative Music General Manager: “We’re so happy to still be working with Bloc Party after all these years and over the moon to start a new relationship with Frenchkiss, one of the best US independent labels around!”


Der Lizenzvertrag mit Frenchkiss und Cooperative Music sieht vor, dass das neue Album der vier Londoner in Nordamerika durch Frenchkiss und im Rest der Welt in Zusammenarbeit mit Cooperative Music (mit Ausnahme von Japan und Südostasien) veröffentlicht wird. Bloc Party arbeiten derzeit in New York an den Aufnahmen zu ihrem vierten Studioalbum, das noch in diesem Jahr erscheinen wird.

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