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tapesntapes_cdcoverTapes'N Tapes:

The Loon
out 04.08.2006

Once upon a time in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is famous for its many lakes, there were lots of good music acts like Prince and Bob Dylan, who inspired the rest of the pop world over years and years.

massiveattack_cdcoverMassive Attack:
Collected - best of album
out 24.03.2006

In the last 15 years, the British band Massive Attack have produced only four albums, but they are a cult band – they've sold more than nine million albums! Because they're always exploring new ways, styles and types of music, someone called their music trip-hop. Since then many bands have followed the style of Massive Attack, but not many wanted to call their music trip-hop. But it doesn't matter what it's called – trip-hop has made its way into the charts and onto the dance floors.

lourhodes_cdcoverLou Rhodes:
Beloved Ones
out 26.05.2006

She – Lou Rhodes – was a singer with a beautiful voice. He – Andrew Barlow – was making electronic music. When they first met, they were working on different projects. But they liked each other’s work so much, that they decided to work together. They formed Lamb in the mid-1990s. Lou was older and had a boyfriend, but Andrew fell in love with his musical partner. They never got together, but the tension became a part of their music. Their personalities were so different, it always seemed like they were going to break up – and they did in 2004. But before that, they made some wonderful albums like "Fear of Fours" and "What Sound".

tomwaits_cdcoverTom Waits:
out 17.11.2006

Orphans – Waisenkinder– so heißt das lang erwartete Werk von Tom Waits. Auf drei CDs werden uns 56 Songs präsentiert, die uns abermals von Waits scharmanischer Kraft als ein Sänger, Literat, Romantiker melodiöser Lieder, innovativer Arrangeur und Pionier einer akustischen Welt überzeugen. Drei Jahre lang dauerte die Produktion des vorliegenden Werkes.

johnnyboy_cdcoverJohnny Boy:
Johnny Boy 

Who is Johnny Boy? Where does he come from? What does he do? If we look on the Internet, we see that Johnny Boy is a fashion label. But this is not what we want! We're looking for Lolly Hayes, from London, and Mister Davo, from Liverpool, who worked together on a wonderful project called Johnny Boy. Not much is known about these two. In 2005, they conquered the British charts with their songs 'You Are The Generation' and 'Johnny Boy Theme'. Although they were very successful, fans have had to wait a really long time for their debut album.

The Incomplete Triangle
out 30.05.2005


The music group Lansing-Dreiden come from Miami and now the members live in New York City. They make music, but don't call Lansing-Dreiden a band. They call themselves a company, because they do a lot more than only play music. They also make videos and other multimedia art. They show their art in art galleries.