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giantdrag_cdcoverGiant Drag:
Hearts and Unicorns
out 07.07.2006

She’s smart, she’s pretty, she’s a songwriter and an she’s an up-to-date girl. Her real name is Annie Hardy but everyone just calls her ‘Hardy’. You can see her on the front cover of her debut album ‘Hearts and Unicorns’. On the backside you’d see her best friend and drummer Micah Calabrese who also plays the synthesizer. People adore them already in the US and the UK, where they have been touring.

The Understanding
out 27.06.2005

When you first listen to the gentle piano leading you in to this beautiful album, you might ask yourself where you are. You might think you've never heard anything like it except maybe in movies. The album "The Understanding" by the Norwegian band Röyksopp is not movie music, but it does have a very cinematic sound. Their first album, "Melody A.M.", sold a million copies, including 500,000 in Britain.

Bloc Party:
Silent Alarm
out 02.01.2007

They gave out their demo at a Franz Ferdinand party and got a record deal. They received a Mercury Music Prize nomination and their debut album made it into the Number Three on the British charts. Now Bloc Party's hit album, "Silent Alarm is in shops here too!


Noah’s Ark 

Who – or what – are CocoRosie?  CocoRosie is what two sisters from New York call their project to make music together. Bianca und Sierra Casady were born in New York, but Sierra left New York to live in France when she was a teenager. When she was a girl Sierra sang gospels and spirituals and later she studied opera. Bianca, the younger sister, started writing songs when she was nine and practised singing under the shower. In 2002 Bianca moved to France to live with her sister, and a short time later they started making music together as CocoRosie.

luckyjim_cdcoverLucky Jim:
All The King's Horses
out 27.10.2006

Do you know what a "lucky Jim" is? No? That's someone who is always lucky and happy. Or at least everybody thinks so. "Here comes Lucky Jim," they say. It seems the band Lucky Jim is lucky too, especially singer Gordon Graham. Gordon's career was slow for a while, but then came a sudden turning point! "After my girlfriend left me, I found Ben. I made lots of music, I got a record deal and made a new album, which was fairly successful!"

out 11.08.2006

They’re supposed to be “the most consistently brilliant and unique American groups”. Their music is an unclassifiable mix of avant-garde, country, soul and jazz. The band was formed of Kurt Wagner, the guitarist Jim Watkins and bass player Marc Trovillion. They all used to go to high school together. Later they became almost a big band. A multi-instrumentalist, a drummer and a percussionist joined them. They added a vocalist/saxophonist, a steel guitarist, and an organist. From that moment on, they were touring and producing one record after the other. That for not only the journalists liked them. The number of fans was constantly increasing!