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tomyboy_cdcoverTo My Boy:
out 20.07.2007

Is this a parody of 80s electronic music, sounding like Lene Lovich’s in 1979 with her Bird Song or Hazel O’Connor on her album Breaking Glass from 1980? Oh well, these two guys would tell you, that they are just two normal guys from Liverpool, who look like the perfect boyfriends for girls in good and brave families, as they are wearing white shirts and pullovers. Although the two guys are really young, they seem to have a lot of courage to make that kind of music. No one could blame them for not knowing the latest music history. They seem to have had an enormous amount of fun when they made these songs and they must be completely in love with technology. Nevertheless, they are what they say: "2 piece futurist pop made with guitar and computer."

boca45_cdcoverBoca 45:Vertigo Sounds
out  20.06.2006

Do you like live concerts? Do you love live albums? This CD starts like a live album. But you might also think you're in a karaoke bar. "Ladies and gentlemen... we bring you the Boca45 mix!" Here we go - the movies of the 1970s speaking to you! But this is DJ sound. It's so easy to get into this album, into Boca45's dance mania.

elvisperkins_coverElvis Perkins:
As Wednesday
out 01.08.2007

Elvis Perkins mag den Vornamen vom King of Rock’n’roll tragen, ein vergleichbarer Entertainer ist er nicht. Doch sein Talent hat er von seinen berühmten Eltern, den 1932 geborenen Anthony Perkins und der 1948 geborenen Berinthia Berenson. Vater Anthony Perkins ist uns leibhaftig vor Augen, sobald wir an Alfred Hitchcocks Film Psycho aus dem Jahre 1960 denken. Elvis ist ihm rein äußerlich nicht ganz unähnlich. Er erzählt uns, dass  sein Vater ein begnadeter Musiker war, der etliche Platten produziert hat. Sein Vater habe „das ebenso sehr genoss, vielleicht sogar noch mehr als die Schauspielerei...“

aluminumbabe_cdcoverAluminum Babe:
Smoke in Chinatown
out 23.02.2007

Punk is dead, long live disco-punk! This is definitely party music and crazy kids will love it, they will need it! What have The Ramones, typical dance music, The Sex Pistols and Swedish children’s songs in common? They sound like the band ALUMINUM BABE!

out 02.06.2006

What if three extremely creative guys got together to play cool music and start a band? That's what Wolfmother did. And now many music fans say Wolfmother is Australia's best and most interesting band.

joanaspolicewoman_cdcoverJoan As Police Woman:
Real Life
out 30.06.2006
with interview quotes

Joan As Police Woman mischen die New Yorker Neo-Folk-Szene auf. Kennt noch jemand die 70er-Jahre-Serie “Polizistinnen” mit Angie Dickinson als Pepper? Ein Mädchen namens Joan hat sich immer gewünscht, wie sie zu sein. „Eines Tages sagte ein Freund zu mir: Joan, Du bist wie Angie von ‚Police Women’!“ Dabei blieb sie dann und nannte ihre Band „Joan as Police Woman“.