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out 27.03.2009

On her debut album, 21-year-old Micachu manages to cover an unholy amount of styles. The newcomer from the UK, whose real name is Mica Levi, is a classically trained composer and instrumentalist signed to Rough Trade. Together with her band, the Shapes, Micachu attempts to drag electronic music out of the backward-looking rut it’s been in recently, but unfortunately she isn’t yet up to the task.

Herman Dune:
Next Year To Zion
out 19.09.2008

Herman Dune always makes for relaxing listening and Next Year In Zion is a fine addition to their impressively large back catalogue. For a pair of French hippies, David-Ivar Herman Dune (guitars and vocals) and Neman Herman Dune (drums) can put together really catchy songs, as was highlighted with the success of “I Wish That I Could See You Soon”, from the album Giant, which made Rolling Stone magazines’s list of the 100 Best Songs of 2007.

Back On My Feet
out 20.02.2009

This MissinCat is not the cat that you might miss or „Catwoman“ alisas Michelle Pfeiffer like in the movie “Batman returns”.  MissinCat is a very pretty and talented girl name Caterina Barbieri. She is able to make something really big and beautiful with her voice and guitar, with  just a few components.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewi s:

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
out 22.08.2008

Thee Rock’n Roll phenomenon in the year 2008!

They are siblings and all under 20 years old. But when you hear their music, they are rockin’ and bluesin’ like the godfather of soul James Brown or the queen of blues Billie Holiday together. Just incredible!

Slipway Fires
out 20.02.2009

A London based band but their new album doesn’t sound like today’s typical London pop music at all. Their name? Razorlight. Razor and Light? Light so bright that it cuts something through? That’s a pleasant name for the band! Formed in 2002 they had gone through ups and downs like any other band. The third drummer drums with them since only some weeks now. The lead singer Johnny had a tragic love story going on with American actress Kerstin Dunst. But that’s on another sheet of paper.

Il Divo:
The Promise
out 07.11.2008

Klassik und Pop, das ist heute eins
von Michael Fuchs-Gamböck