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photo shooting with CATA in MALA & MAD

Fusing youthful exuberance with an artistic prowess far beyond their years, Concrete Knives are a band who have illuminated stages around Europe with their unique blend of resonating guitars, elaborate melodies, charging, pounding rhythms and euphoric collective vocals - an enticing and exciting mixture which unfailingly attracts the undivided attention of all who fall into their path.

Burnt Friedman, Jono Podmore und die beiden Can Gründungsmitgliedern Jaki Liebezeit und Irmin Schmidt - eine Kollaboration von Verrückten? Cyclopean ist die erste Zusammenarbeit von Schmidt und Liebezeit mit Friedman und Podmore (Kumo/Metamono), langjährigen Freunden und Kollaboratoren, als Quartett.

Die hohe Qualität, doch vor allem originelles Songwriting und ausgefeilter Arrangements zeichnen das Berliner Akustik Trio aus und machen das neueste Werk so wunderbar. Die zahlreichen Tourneen, u.a. Deutschland, Schweiz, Italien, und Festivalauftritte, u.a. Fusion, Transeuropa, ließen MY SISTER GRENADINE zu einer eng verflochtenen Einheit werden.

As children, the music of The Everly Brothers touched Dawn McCarthy and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy; it touches Dawn's children and the little 'prince' within Bonny today, and makes them dance and sing. The Brothers' harmonies make the hairs stand up - they enervate and inspire. Beyond the visceral impact of any one song, any "So Sad" or "Devoted to You" that rings out from the radio on any given day, there are also the tracks that the Brothers trod over the course of several decades of singing together and making records.

Like all of us, Matthew E. White was born into a constructed world. His unfolded out of the mingled sands of Virginia Beach and Manila, the youngest son in a family that raised him barefoot between the blurred racket of that far eastern jungle city and the backyard lightning-bug-hum of a trimmed southern lawn.